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Pastor Susan has dedicated her life to the help of others. As a mother of troubled children she has learned first hand how this world takes and destroys without a thought.

  • Pastor Susan Esterhuizen

    Pastor Susan Esterhuizen

    I organized special treatment for them, and especially for the women and children who were badly sexually abuse by there husbands and fathers. My passion became much deeper, and at times I had the desire to do it full time.

  • Deidre Swano

    Deidre Swano (Editor for House of Ester)

    With such a hectic schedule Pastor Susan never had the time to keep up with the growing demand of 'Allow the change' so Deidre joined the team as the editor, for both the word and the upcoming book release.
    With the love for our lord and for spreading his precious word it is an easy choice.

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From The Editor

The House of Ester is a great project that has been inspired by a strong and amazing woman, Susan Esterhuizen. Just hearing people speak about the House of Ester warms my heart because it shows that there is someone out there that cares. In today's life people don't really open their heart to others. Everyone fights for their own survival and doesn't offer a helping hand to the next person, but House of Ester gives us hope. There is hope for healing and restoration because of House of Ester. I am willing to help with this project not only by editing, but by doing whatever I can in order to extend this vision. I believe that the House of Ester will change lives in a supernatural way and I am so extremely happy to be apart of this vision.

The House of Ester is for all nations and believes in the second biggest commandment, and that is to love your neighbour as you love yourself, we cannot change the world but we can help the community to understand that there can be a change. The change starts with us so that we can change others. We cannot change the world, but we can change a heart.

The time is here to find out who you are and to find the purpose of your life, to walk this journey to step into your destiny with a free soul and mind that you do not hang on any objects, or any idols so that you are of the knowledge of being pure in God’s hands. That you can believe in receive healing in His power, this is not by religion but by His spirit that you will be set free and free indeed.

I am very thankful that I could be in different nations, and that I learn what the word LOVE means, and to interact with nations make you to understand there system, and culture. I believe there is a seasons for each of us, a season where God allow you to learn His word, and a season to experience His word, a season to go, and give the word, a season to prepare you for a higher level, to fully understand the will of God, and the purpose and the plan God have for you.